Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement

Good morning: Mike hope this finds you well.

I have read the letter of the young lady several times. She is interesting and very thought provoking.

You gave her some really good advice. I wish I had thought thru my input about trying to change the structure of how we classify mechanics. When I tried to get some think-tank processes on retaining mechanics by using an A, B, & C type classification.

I realized after the fact while companies will say think outside the box. Those can be empty words sometimes. The politics of stepping on toes or the insecurities of hierarchy can create problems if not well thought out the correct approach. You gave her some sound advice. While it is unfortunate it is like that. Many do not embrace your proclivities in life and business of always trying to mentor people to move up and replace yourself Mike. While they may talk the talk they are really foxes in sheep’s clothing. She seems like a very driven and bright young lady from what I have read. Like to hear more about this young lady. It refreshing to see young people that have drive and desire. It something our country lacks a lot of. I have a nephew that graduated top of his class from Air Force academy a few years back. An extremely grounded and intelligent young man. He is now a fighter pilot and just got assigned to the F-16 Viper. While he wanted and qualified for the F-22 there just were not slots open. Mike some of these young men coming out of the academy really bring confidence back that America still has what it takes to be great again. While the current White house administration can be depressing and cause you to think we are doomed. I believe there is hope in the future.


Shoulder is coming along well. I am 6- or 7-weeks post op. My surgeon said I am well beyond the recovery curve. PT has reduced my PT appointments to every other week till I get to 12 weeks and start strength training. I have good movement and overall agility. It is still stiff and a bit weak. Of course I am one that always think if twelve weeks is the goal then my goal is 6 weeks. My doctors says she is confident my shoulder will turn out well as she knows I will push for a full recovery and as close to normal agility as a regular shoulder. She said her biggest hurdle with me is slowing me down and teaching me to work in moderation. I am learning but heck I not getting any younger. Laughing. Hoping all is going well with you and Donna. Hope the new house is coming along well and no hiccups.


Be well my friend.

Hi Mike,

It was a pleasure meeting you over the weekend. It has been a while since I have had a passionate conversation about continuous improvement and it reminded me how much it energizes me. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story and for providing guidance on how I might be able to move towards helping small businesses around Cleveland, as well as sharing your story on how you arrived where you are today.

I hope your trip home went smoothly, and I look forward to keeping in touch and continuing our great conversation!

Thanks again,