Fleet Maintenance Services

World class fleet maintenance management is accomplished by development of methodical policies and procedures that are monitored by performance metrics while simultaneously providing leadership with tools and authority to effectively assist their customers.

  1. Fleet Operational Process Analysis (Block & Tackle elements) – The attached preventative maintenance process flow chart depicts the basic ideal preventative maintenance process. Our analysis will evaluate each of these elements and make recommendations that will improve the efficiency of the process thus reducing cost and improving service to the internal and external customer.
    Maintenance Process – [PDF file] [JPG image]
  2. Productivity Measurements (SRT) – Are your mechanics performing up to industry standards?
  3. Fleet Maintenance Software – Does your system provide you data to make proactive business decisions?
  4. Fleet Vender Analysis – Cost, Service, and Quality assessment.
  5. Procurement – Evaluation and analysis of procurement contracts and determine opportunities for cost reductions.
  6. Fleet Department Staffing Skill Assessment – ASE or NAFA Certifications.
  7. Maintenance/Repair Management – What can you cost-effectively repair in-house.
  8. On-site Maintenance Facilities Analysis – Where is the break even point?
  9. Fleet Department Development – Transition from vendors to in-house maintenance.
  10. Fleet Policies or Master Operating Plan Development.

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Fleet management is maximizing the efficiency and return on investment of an asset. This is accomplished by daily monitoring and documentation by the operator, periodic inspections, and scheduled routine maintenance that lubricates, adjusts, repairs, or replaces critical components at an interval that gains maximum life of the component while simultaneously maximizing the efficiency and availability of the asset.