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Above and beyond contrary belief leaders are made not born. Someone once said that if you thrust an individual into a management position without any management/leadership training, when the first critical crisis occurs, they will respond by reverting back to how their household environment was managed during their childhood. Proving that we are a product of our environment as well as that management and leadership skills are learned not inherent.  A supervisor or manager reverting back to their parent’s manner of raising their children may be bad or good, but can you afford the potential damage that could be instilled into the morale of your team? As such, if you have members on your leadership team who have a teachable spirit but need a few more tools in their leadership toolbox, please review our training curriculum below.

Half-Day Seminars :::: One-Day Seminars

The first step in creating change in your organization or your personal life… comes with the realization for the need to change.

Through an assessment of the organization’s climate and a management review we would recommend which seminars would fit the client’s current needs as well as an assessment of the participants as they complete the seminars.

Half-Day Seminars:

Coaching Your Business Team; How to Inspire Effective Teamwork for Winning Performance:

  • Establish a high commitment environment
  • Welcome a new member to the team
  • Implement an employee suggestion program
  • Make the office more like a home and co-workers like family

Hiring for the 21st Century; How to Find, Hire, and Retain Great People:

  • Evaluate your corporate culture and use it to attract the right people
  • Write an effective Job Description
  • Involve employees in sharing recruiting ideas and communicating opportunities
  • Efficiently analyze and “weed out” resumes

Building Your Team for Success ; Proven Strategies for Superior Work Team:

  • Establish a charter to give the team vision
  • Implement shared leadership to empower employees
  • Set goals and keep score
  • Make decisions and solve problems as a team

Making Meetings Work; How to Maximize Meeting Effectiveness and Efficiency:

  • What’s wrong with most meetings?
  • Why are meetings important?
  • How to measure whether a meeting is successful
  • How to create and utilize an agenda and minutes

In Pursuit of Goals; Practical Steps to Go for the Gold on Life:

  • The seven categories of goals
  • Getting prepared to set goals, including conducting a personal assessment
  • A walk through the goal-setting process –step-by-step
  • Putting and end to procrastination

The Art of Negotiation; Persuasion Techniques That Can Work For You:

  • Prepare by setting objectives, back-up objectives, and the best alternative
  • Gather support materials as well as information on who you will be negotiating
  • Equalize every point the other side makes
  • Close the negotiation with skill

Becoming a High-Performance Sales Professional

Effective Delegation Skills; How to Raise Productivity and Develop Your Staff

  • The meaning and purpose of delegation
  • How to strengthen relationships and develop trust with employees
  • Tips for communicating skillfully
  • How to determine which projects to delegate

Handling Problem People Successfully

Winning the Battle Against Negativity; Techniques for Spreading Optimism Throughout the Workplace:

  • Spots signals in order to prevent negativity
  • Keep your composure when dealing with a negative person
  • Communicate clearly and listen carefully
  • Skillfully confront people who habitually discourage or oppose others

How to Give and Receive Feedback; Advanced Communication Skills for Professional Relationships:

  • Give effective feedback
  • Receive feedback effectively
  • Encourage team feedback
  • Implement an employee self-evaluation system

Performance Reviews That Really Work; How to Prevent Appraisals from Becoming a Waste of Time:

  • How the employee and supervisor should prepare for the review
  • How to set goals and make commitments during the session
  • What makes a successful review
  • How to properly follow up the review session


One Day Seminars:

Positive Impact – Be the Employee Organizations fight to keep

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Time Management

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