Procurement Services

Ready to Supercharge Your Procurement Process?

“Parts, Tires, Lubricants, sundries, and maintenance… “ (Aftermarket) 

The procurement of quality replacement parts, tires, lubricants, sundries, and vendor maintenance is just as important as the quality of what is spec’d on the equipment initially. As much as 80% of the parts of any asset can be purchased at a substantially lower cost than OEM parts. There are many knock-offs and imitations out there and if you aren’t careful that is just what you will get even from a nationally recognized suppliers. What we typically uncover is a purchasing/procurement person who doesn’t know a brake pad from a tail light negotiating for the cheapest price and obtaining the lowest quality parts. Purchasing the cheapest replacements will negatively impact safety and increase breakdowns, you will incur redundant expense, and hinder the moral of your employees and the service to you customers. It all lies within the negotiation and holding the vendor accountable for quality as well as timely service and fill percentages. Employing a solid preventative maintenance process and utilizing the proper lubricants for the duty cycle of your fleet will enable you to increase your drain/fill cycle thus increasing asset utilization