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MCB Consulting is continually building and expanding its capabilities and leadership through synergistic relationships with key partners in fleet management, procurement, safety, and leadership development services.

These partners are prudently selected to provide you the most competitive resources of the highest integrity in the industry. Moreover, we will always be completely unbiased when making solution recommendations to our clients.

As MCB Consulting client you benefit not only from the experience and expertise of our seasoned consultants, but also from the outstanding services and knowledge provided by our entrusted partners.

Sokolis Group,
Sokolis Group is a nationwide outsourced fuel management and fuel consulting company
Schaeffer Specialized Lubricants,
Schaeffer is the oldest lubricant company in North America, 170 yrs. Manufacturing high performance lubricants that deliver 3-5% better fuel economy, extended drain capability, and the most cost effective lubricant per mile than any other lubricant.
This company makes a fuel monitor, helps prove or disprove a company’s claim of improved fuel mileage. It can be used to evaluate operator, tires, aerodynamics, gear selections, fuel additives, and lubricants. Don’t believe the salesmen, trust the results on you own equipment and drivers.
Diesel Technical Innovations,
DTI offers products that focus on reducing fuel consumption, lowering emissions and generally lowering operating costs. The FMZ works by limiting the engine power based on the weight of the load the vehicle is carrying. The Automated Fuel Additive Injection Systems proprietary flow control technology minimizes messy calibrations and ensures accurate diesel fuel additive dispensing every time.
On-Site Oil Analysis,
This device would allow you to do all of your oil sampling/testing in house for less than $12/sample (including cost of unit) and you have the results in an little as 5-10 minutes (depending on test type). Perfect for extending drains and condition monitoring. Know if a unit needs a repair before it leaves the shop. Use less oil and extend the life of your equipment. You can test any lubricant with one unit.
Initially formed in 1970, Syn-Tech has become known for its exacting standards, innovative solutions, and commitment to produce superior products at competitive prices. We at Syn-Tech are proud of our company’s history and performance. Our reputation as an engineering and high quality product development firm has earned repeat business from our original customers and favorable national recognition.
As a local and regional technology solution provider and consulting firm, KiZAN has the experience and expertise to transform our clients’ businesses by providing solutions for the most complex business issues. Our clients range from mid-sized, local establishments to enterprise corporations that represent a variety of industries.
EXTOL International,
EXTOL International, is a provider of systems for B2B integration. Its Business Integrator (EBI) is a general-purpose integration broker suite of software which allows users to create and deploy external and internal integration systems without programming. It is designed to replace tools for data integration and business-process automation, Web services and Extensible Markup Language (XML) transformation toolkits, spreadsheet integrators and conventional electronic data interchange (EDI) translators. The EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI) was designed to automate much of the manual work that goes into B2B integration. EBI capabilities include smart mapping based on user-configured mapping methods, a rule-set migration assistant which automates map maintenance, an EDI provisioning assistant to reduce EDI setup time, database monitors to automate the change data capture process, and EDI exit points for user-defined custom processing.
Big Truck TV,
Big Truck TV is the leading online video media & marketing solution focused on the trucking and supply chain management segment. BTTV features exceptional educational video content and a large stable of industry bloggers, leading it to become the key information resource for Fleet Executives tasked with driving results!