Why MCB Consulting

Curious about how your fleet is doing? Get a Free Assessment.

True, sustainable, business performance improvement is achieved by implementing process improvements that eliminates unnecessary cost, redundancies, improves productivity, service, and safety indices.

Improved business performance is NOT achieved by eliminating or deferring maintenance to company equipment, service options to customers, necessary jobs, benefits, or employee salaries. Improved fleet management performance is only achieved by improving productivity, efficiencies, or through technological advancements.

MCB Fleet Management Consulting, the most cost-effective full service fleet, logistics, and leadership consulting firm will:

  • Determine the problem/opportunity to increase efficiency and lower cost as well as determine the barriers that would prevent these improvements from being sustained.
  • Develop a sustainable solution
  • Assist in all phases of  implementing the solution
  • Follow-up to ensure results are sustained

If our initial assessment does not reveal opportunities for financial or operational improvement there will be no charge. This will be accomplished by supplying us (in confidence) with indicators for analysis prior to our first visit such as the following:

  • Total miles run each month
  • Maintenance cost per mile by various types of equipment
  • Tire cost per mile
  • Fleet MPG by equipment type
  • Equipment out of service percentage
  • Breakdown frequency in whatever manner you are measuring it
  • Mechanic productivity in whatever manner you are measuring it

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