MCB Consulting Has New Service Offerings

MCB Consulting Has New Service Offerings

For Immediate Release

St. Simons, GA. October 22, 2009 – MCB Consulting is offering a host of new services due to industry demands. These services now available are in the areas of fleet management, asset management, cost control, fuel conservation, and litigation assistance. Additionally, these new offerings are now included on their enhanced website. Current projects are near completion and they are looking for a limited number of new clients. MCB Consulting will provide a free in-depth analysis of your fleet maintenance performance metrics.

MCB Consulting is the foremost provider of fleet management, procurement, litigation and safety consulting services to private, public, corporate and governmental fleets. They have over hundred (100) years of fleet, logistics, and leadership expertise in the airline, construction, transportation, utility, and sanitation industries.

For additional information please contact:

Michael C.  Buck, President
MCB Fleet Management Consulting