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Commercial Transportation Litigation Assistance

How would you like to decrease your deposition and trial preparation time while simultaneously increasing the probability of successful judgment? We can assist you in gaining a greater settlement or mitigating your client’s losses whichever applies to your respective case. MCB Consulting has over thirty years of experience in the commercial transportation industry and has assisted organizations such as UPS, Con-way Freight, Waste Management, and Great Dane Trailer Manufacturer.

During tough economic times, when profit margins are low in the transportation and service sectors, organizations look to slash costs any way possible. The first areas often hit are the high expense categories of maintenance, tires, fuel, and labor. An easy way to cut cost is by deferring maintenance and now because the vehicles perform differently, many times they are involved in an accident. To assist you in your litigation, MCB Consulting is prepared to accomplish the following:

  • Evaluate processes in respect to DOT, EPA, OSHA, State, and local regulations including proper documentation
  • Prepare pertinent deposition, trial questions, and responses.
  • Analyze maintenance processes and pertinent subsequent records for adherence to generally accepted industry practices.
  • Evaluate and respond to validity of given depositions, trial testimony and exhibits.
  • Appear in court as a subject matter expert to support your trial proceedings or be deposed on your behalf.
  • Determine if the incident/accident was caused by improper maintenance practices, part failure, or operator error.
  • Evaluate the competence of the Fleet maintenance and Fleet Safety programs.
  • Evaluate maintenance processes in respect to manufacturer recommendations.

MCB Consulting would like to assist you in your Commercial Transportation Litigation. For more information — please contact us about our Commercial Transportation Litigation Services.